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Alexa Essenfeld


Alexa Essenfeld is currently a 5th year student at Rutgers University majoring in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics Option. She has also completed the Nutrition, Food, and Business option. She hopes to complete a dietetic internship and then go on to work for a food company in their nutrition marketing department. 
Being a member of HDT since Fall 2011, Alexa  now serves as co-student director with Miranda Schlitt.  Alexa  participated in the NACUFS foodservice internship program at Michigan State University and traveled to Brazil to work with undernourished children. Alexa also attended the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Philadelphia and Houston. Alexa serves as the student liaison to the Menu Committee meeting where she helps plan the dining hall’s promo meals.  Alexa loves mentoring other students in the nutrition department and providing healthy and innovative tips to students in the dining halls. 
FUN FACT: Alexa has a fraternal twin sister and her dog is practically famous on instagram (@instanniedoodle)



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