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Thinc Zinc 

             Most people know that calcium and iron are important minerals, but what about zinc? This mineral helps maintain vital health functions such as reproduction, growth, and vision. For college aged students, the recommended daily value of zinc consumption is 11mg for males, and 8-9 mg for females. Keep reading for more information on the many benefits of this mineral, as well as where to find zinc in dining hall food selections.


Zinc plays a crucial role in wound healing by promoting cell growth and division.


Zinc is essential for proper immune system function. It is needed for the production of white blood cells which help the body fight harmful bacteria and infections.

Enhancing Senses

Zinc can enhance your senses of smell and taste. There are taste receptors in the mouth that are activated solely by zinc, so consuming an adequate amount can help maintain the zing in your taste buds.

Food Serving Size Zinc per serving
Oysters 6 Medium Sized Oysters 16.0 mg
Red Meat 3 oz  Beef Tenderloin 4.8 mg
Yogurt 1 Cup Low-Fat Yogurt 1.6 mg
Beans ½ Cup Chickpeas 1.3 mg
Fortified Breakfast Cereal ¾ Cup Raisin Bran 1.3 mg
Nuts 1 oz Mixed Nuts 1.1 mg
Poultry ½ Skinless Chicken Breast 0.9 mg

With such a wide range of sources, its east to incorporate zinc into your diet. Thinc zinc next time you’re in the dining hall and add these foods to your plate.

To keep your body in sync try foods containing zinc!

Revised By: Marina Vineis

Reviewed By:  Dr. Sherman– Department of Nutritional Sciences

References: Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Zinc. Available at: Accessed on: January 21, 2012. Keast, R.S.J. The Effect of Zinc on Human Taste Perception. Journal of Food Science. 2003; 68. Zinc.  Available at:  Accessed on: January 23, 2012.



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