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Having a meal plan on campus is a wonderful convenience. Simply swipe your student ID and gain instant access to a variety of foods. However, how can you be sure you are using your meal plan to its greatest potential? Read below for the lowdown on your meal plan and how to swipe mindfully.

The Core Four

  • All four campuses have a buffet style dining facility. In other words, one meal swipe grants you access to as much food as you’d like. It’s often tempting to interpret this as all you can eat, but remember you have the whole year to taste the different foods. Aim for a well-balanced meal each time you swipe, and don’t forget HDT is your source for healthy eating information at the dining halls!
  •  Make the most of your meal plan by attending the monthly promo nights featuring uniquely themed dinner menus. Upcoming promos include Slow Food Night, Thanksgiving Dinner, Midnight Breakfast, and a Warm and Hearty Welcome Back. Dates of promos can be found on
  • Take-out, is located at every dining hall and counts as one meal swipe. This is a great option if you are eating on the go.

Dining Retail

  • Some dining retail locations also accept meal plans. One meal swipe typically covers a $5.50 breakfast and a $7.50 lunch/dinner. Each of the following locations has meal plan specifics so ask before swiping.

 oCook/Douglass: Cook Café,
oDouglass Café, Pizzeria Uno
o Livingston: Rock Café, Sbarro
 oBusch: Woody’s
 oCollege Ave.: CABfare

Did you know?

  • Each meal plan includes 10 swipes for guests. Feel free to bring your friends who don’t have a meal plan or a family member. 
  • You can swipe multiple times a day. So, if you need a coffee break or snack, don’t forget about your meal plan! This will also help prevent you from having unused meals at the end of the semester. 
  • The dining halls offer Brunch every weekend from 10:30am-2:30pm

Specialty Locations

  • The Rutgers Club, located on College Ave, offers a buffet for students every Tuesday and Thursday for one meal swipe + $2.00. The Rutgers Club, founded in 1957, offers exceptional food in a quaint setting perfect for a date night or a change of scenery from the dining halls. 
  • Rutgers’ very own food truck, the Knight Wagon, also accepts meal plans. Follow them on twitter (@knightwagon) to track their location on campus.

Don’t Be Shy, Get to Know Your Meal Plan!

Author: Alexa Essenfeld                                                   Reviewed by: Peggy Policastro, MS, RD-Department of Nutritional Sciences
References: Accessed on: September 24 2013.

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