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What do a 3×3 sticky note, a shot glass, and a ¼ measuring cup all have in common? They are all the same size as one serving of nuts. Studies reveal that eating a variety of nuts, four to five times per week (when combined with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol) may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Although nuts are high in fat, the fat is mostly monounsaturated, which is thought to be heart healthy. In addition, research suggests that adding nuts to your diet may promote feelings of fullness. Nuts are also energy/calorie dense, so limiting your intake to one to two ounces per day is recommended.

One serving of nuts equals:

45 Pistachios, 35 Peanuts, 24 Almonds, 18 Cashews, 15 Pecan Halves, 14 Walnut Halves, 12 Hazelnuts, and 12 Macadamia Nuts

 Each nut also has its own unique benefits. Among the variety of nuts, almonds have the most fiber and pistachios have the most potassium. Walnuts have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids and cashews have the most zinc and iron. Try to include a variety of these nuts in your diet to reap their benefits.

Listed below are some nutty additions you can make in the dining halls:

Top your salad with cashews or almonds instead of croutons or bacon bits.

Sprinkle nuts on soup, yogurt, pasta or stir-fry for an added crunch.

Add almonds or cashews to cooked vegetables such as green beans.

Make your own trail mix using nuts, dried fruit, and dried cereal.

Go ahead- it’s okay to be a health nut!

Revised By: Alexa Essenfeld, Reviewed By:  Dr. Brasaemle– Department of Nutritional Sciences

References: The Whole Truth and Nutting but the Truth. Available at: prevention/nutrition/nuts.aspx. Accessed on Oct. 10 2012. Nutrient Comparison Chart for Tree Nuts. Available at: Accessed on Oct. 10 2012. Tasty Tools for Weight Management. Available at: Accessed on October 13, 2012.


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