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Find Your “Hero” in the Dining Hall

Whether you refer to them as heroes, hoagies or subs, these sensational sandwiches are quick and easy to assemble. With the right ingredients, they can provide a nutritious and satisfying meal. Choose from these healthier options to create your “hero” in the dining hall or the take out line:

The Base

Try a multigrain roll or wrap. These contain fiber which adds bulk to your meal and may result in a decreased risk of some cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Try making half your grains whole.

Dress It Up!

Add tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, lettuce, oregano or lemon for an extra zing of flavor without excess calories or fat.

Superhero Fillings

Consider turkey, ham, roast beef, capicola or vegan deli meats for a more nutritious filling option. While certain meats are high in protein, they may also be high in fat and sodium. Processed meats such as salami and bologna have increased amounts of nitrates, which may have negative health effects. Limit fillings that may be high in fat and calories like mayonnaise-laden tuna, chicken, and egg salad.

Take Your Sub From Zero to Hero!

 Revised  By: Nathalie Corres                                      Reviewed By:  Dr. Sherman- Department of Nutritional SciencesReferences: Pack a healthy lunch. Available at: Accessed on: November 10, 2012. Food Additives. Available at: http:// Accessed on November 10, 2012.

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